Hands vs. Machines: Who Wins?
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Hands vs. Machines: Who Wins?

January 3, 2024



We’ve noticed that there’s one big debate that the embroidery community just can’t seem to agree on…


“Is hand stitching or machine embroidery the superior method?”


Our honest opinion:


We believe it doesn’t matter if you’ve just picked up stitching or if you’re running your own custom embroidery business…

Eventually you’re bound to discover whichever avenue works best for you.


And that’s what’s really important.


So, at McDonalds Vacuums, we’re on a mission to provide you with the premium supplies you need -- no matter which team you’re on.


And, if you are ready to try your hand at some brand-new designs?


Or spruce up your machine with the latest accessories?


Either way, we’ve got your back.


Shop our full range of embroidery must-haves here.

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