Row By Row Taste the Experience 2019
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McDonald's Sewing & Vacuum Arkansas City is participating in the Row By Row Experience and in Row by Row Junior in 2019.  When searching for an idea for our row, our first thought was of the food of Arkalalah, which is Arkansas City's fall festival.  While that sounded fun, Dalene started thinking of it as getting a taste of the experience of Arkansas City.

Dalene was inspired by Dr. Don Blakeslee's recent discovery of an ancestral Wichita settlement in Arkansas City, called Etzanoa , which is the Wichita's name for "The Great Settlement" that the Spaniards were searching for at the beginning of the 1600s.  Dalene read the Wikipedia article about Etzanoa, which you may find here.  The article referred to the practice of the Wichita to plant food crops such as corn and beans between their lodges.  This picture in particular was the inspiration for our row.  

Wichita settlement

The creative folks at Laser Cut Quilts designed this image for us.  As of June 8, Dalene is working on our sample row and will add a photo of our row soon.

Design of Row