Pizza Box Swap Quilt 2020 round-robin block of the month quilt
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Pizza Box Swap Quilt

This is a round-robin block of the month quilt.  You pick the fabric and your friends pick and make the blocks.  This is a voluntary program run by our Arkansas City customers.  If you choose to sign up, you must be committed for the entire time.  If you drop out, others in the group will have an incomplete quilt.  This is for brick and mortar customers only.  You have to be able to pick up and drop off your blocks at the Ark City store.  

Rita Zulkoski is the project organizer.  If you would like to participate or have any questions, please contact Rita at or 620-845-0100. 

The Swap will begin February 1, 2020 and continue through the end of February 2021.  Please pick up your box during the first week of the month, make two blocks (they can be the same pattern), and drop the box off during the third week of each month.  Make sure you initial the form that will be on the pizza box and return the box by the dates listed on it.

You will need to select the fabric for YOUR quilt before February 1 so that it can be in the pizza box before the first person picks it up.  You will need to include in your box 2 yards of focal fabric, 2 yards of background fabric, and 5-9 fat quarters.  We would be happy to cut fat quarters for you if we don't have any already cut of a fabric you like.

Pick up the first box during the first week of February.   Make two blocks.  Each block must be 12.5" unfinished.  You can only use fabrics that are in the box.  Do not add additional fabrics.  Put scraps in the scrap bag included with each box.  The next person may need some of those smaller pieces (especially the last person to get the box)!  After the first month, you cannot make a block if there is already one in the box you pick up.  For example, if there is already a 9-patch block in the box, you can't make a 9-patch block.  Please be conservative in your use of fabric so that it will last all year.

Put the completed block and remaining fabric in the box, sign the sheet on the front, and return the box to McDonald's Sewing & Vacuum during the third week of the month.    Return to the store during the first week of the month to pick up your next box.